Color Selection Guide

LSI: Selection Guide for Fall - Winter flowers for annual beds
LSI: Selection Guide for Spring - Summer flowers for annual beds

Please take a few minutes to look at the color selections and let us know your preferences:

  1. Up to 4 color choices
  2. Any preference you have in flower or accent plants that you specifically do or do not want us to use. For example, some folks only like to use violas and not pansies. (The difference between them is in the fall PDF) Or, for another example, if you specifically want to use Purple Fountain grass as your accent plant, please specify that in the form below.
  3. Any preference that you have in design such as formal vs informal. This is addressed in the below PDF
  4. Any special event (homecoming, fall party, ect) you have on the calendar. We CANNOT guarantee that they will go in for that date, but this will help us in planning and we will work hard to accommodate.

Fall - Winter
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Spring - Summer
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Color Selection Guide

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